• Where you come from? Street Cabaret
    STREET CABARET In a cold cold winter a mother, father and two little girlsstarted off for a long trip. Nothing more but two big bags,was all they could carryon the road far from home.
  • Dance of Death
    Dance of Death, B LaLa with CrazyBodyGroup Iran 2016 January till March 2016, working with the Crazy Body Group in Teheran “Dance Of Death, B LaLa” directed by Yaser Khaseb Premiere was at the 34th Fadjr International Theater Festival, 30 more public performances were played at the Iran Shar.
    La LOVE BOMB The performance “la love bomb” is based on a true story. It is a story of a young refugee who escaped to Vienna, when the Balkan War broke out. There a new life began for innocent Selma, knowing she would never be able to return to the occupied village of her childhood. […]
  • Liebe, egal wie kompliziert, wir brauchen dich hier..!
    Wir arbeiten an unserer neuen musikalischen Tanz- und Theateraufführung. Zwölf Spieler*innen mit und ohne Behinderung machen sich bereit einem Publikum auf Augenhöhe zu begegnen und laden ein, in ihre Welt einzutreten.