Contact Improvisation, theatre improvisation, BMC, dance-movement therapy, languages, travelling, teaching


Since 2013 – drama teacher

2011 – director “Where You Come From?”

2012 – director “Twinkle Sleepyhead”

2013 – actress “La Love Bomb”

2014 – actress “Demut vor deinen Taten Baby”                

Since 2006 – Theatre workshops for women in Iran;

                    – English teacher – “English in Theatre                                                                         Theatre in English”

2004 – 2011 – Management of puppet theatre KRANEWIT

                                                                               with Mo Bunte


MA (British/American studies and German linguistics) –

Majors: Race and class


Contact Improvisation in Islam. Contact Quarterly, 2008. Volume33/Number1, USA

Contact Improvisation in Islam. Proximity,2007. Volume 10/Edition 3, Australia

“Schwarzer Tango” with Philippe-Guy Crosnier de Bellaistre und Hugo Bascope

Theatre & Contact workshop in Tehran, Iran

Theatre in an english class

Kranewit Theater with Mo Bunte and Anna Katharina Kaufmann

Contact Improvisation